Discounts For All Future Products – SIGN UP NOW!

We are now getting close to re-launching the new website and with it the first episode of our second season. As many of you know we offered discounts and early releases to some customers throughout season one. We are now opening that offer to anyone who wants to join.

You will receive discounts of $5 on Episodes and $3 on Mini-Videos (like The Training Room series but a different format) and will be able to get all releases up to 3 days before general release.

What else? If you sign up now you can instantly download a free 27 minute video of alternative angles and deleted moments from Episodes 1-5 and Training Rooms 1-4 of Season One. We will periodically send new free videos as well and so you will receive hundreds of free minutes of footage as long as you remain with us.

There’s more… We are making our comic books available for free to people who join us now, again these will be available at zero cost to you for a period of days before general release. This is to keep you up to date with the story and we plan on building up the amount of comics we release considerably.

We will also be running a Create-A-Character section where you can decide the costume, powers, looks and attitude of a heroine or even a villain, and they will come to life in a standalone video. Details of what to do will be available on sign up.

Lastly, we respect inboxes, you will get an email each time a new product is released alongside any free content, this will not be more than twice a month. It costs me money to send these emails as well, so it’s simply not in my interests to bombard you.

To sign up now and make sure you qualify for Season Two, Episode One discounts sign up at:

(Ignore the ‘Email not valid’ message, it all works fine)

~ by nextglobalcrisis on January 5, 2012.

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