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The main website has been launched and from now on new blog posts will be made here:

Get over to NEXTGLOBALCRISIS.COM and you can get hold of the Season 2 opener!

Some caps from the free video with sign up…

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Discounts For All Future Products – SIGN UP NOW!

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We are now getting close to re-launching the new website and with it the first episode of our second season. As many of you know we offered discounts and early releases to some customers throughout season one. We are now opening that offer to anyone who wants to join.

You will receive discounts of $5 on Episodes and $3 on Mini-Videos (like The Training Room series but a different format) and will be able to get all releases up to 3 days before general release.

What else? If you sign up now you can instantly download a free 27 minute video of alternative angles and deleted moments from Episodes 1-5 and Training Rooms 1-4 of Season One. We will periodically send new free videos as well and so you will receive hundreds of free minutes of footage as long as you remain with us.

There’s more… We are making our comic books available for free to people who join us now, again these will be available at zero cost to you for a period of days before general release. This is to keep you up to date with the story and we plan on building up the amount of comics we release considerably.

We will also be running a Create-A-Character section where you can decide the costume, powers, looks and attitude of a heroine or even a villain, and they will come to life in a standalone video. Details of what to do will be available on sign up.

Lastly, we respect inboxes, you will get an email each time a new product is released alongside any free content, this will not be more than twice a month. It costs me money to send these emails as well, so it’s simply not in my interests to bombard you.

To sign up now and make sure you qualify for Season Two, Episode One discounts sign up at:

(Ignore the ‘Email not valid’ message, it all works fine)

Coming Soon

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I have had a number of emails over the past month asking about new releases.

1) We will be releasing a new comic book in the next couple of days

2) We will be sending out something to our customers as a ‘thank you’ for their support hopefully quite soon

3) Once we have safely migrated to our new site we will launch Season 2 Episode 1

PS: Keep eyes peeled on YouTube and Twitter for a preview video for Season 2

Retrospective: Season 1 Episode 4: Pre-Production

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Season 1 Episode 4

In keeping with dangerous artistic evolution we decided that episode 4 should contain 4 characters, where 3 had 3, and 1 and 2 had only 2, now 4 would have 4. This is a dangerous trend and after certain difficulties we decided to perhaps leave it at this many for a bit.

Of course, when you are writing the thing you write what you want to see rather than concern yourself with how difficult it will be to make in one day. The casting was pretty seamless, we were very happy with who we saw, in fact it unearthed other talented people who would turn up as different characters later on, if only all castings were as productive.

I wanted a character that healed and was a bit less cocky and more good-natured than those we had seen before or who were later to come. The Athena character fitted the bill, but the trouble you often have with healing superheroes is that they are useless at combat. The inference being that they are really a pacifist and see no sense in violence but go along to clear up any mess. However it is difficult to make a character in our show who doesn’t fight. I think perhaps for episode 4 she was written a little too weak, she does have some fight but struggles throughout against Jade (who is meant to be badass) until Miss Freedom is seen for the first time. We can talk more about Miss Freedom in the future, it is really a cameo here. The Peacemaker was an interesting character too and one it would be nice to explore more heavily.

The script was very ambitious with hindsight so it was pretty important that nothing went wrong on shoot day…

Retrospective: Season 1 Episode 3: Story

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The story of episode 3 was the beginning of an arc that for various reasons we couldn’t fully explore in live action. We tied it up fairly neatly in the comics but in reality we would probably have had a further 2-3 episodes involving these characters. A lot of dealing with Golden Hornets guilt, the Man in Black trying to find ways of bringing his sister back. The Suki v Golden Hornet fight in the comic was also likely to take place in live action, but alas not possible.

In episode 3 then we see Gemini being used by Red Mist to film Golden Hornet without her mask, a pretty simple task to fulfill. This is why the Man in Black took to bag snatching and leading the Hornet into that particular room. She finds the camera equipment but does not realise this is a set up of any kind so leaves it. Throughout the fight the two Gemini twins are looking to unmask her, but since they are goodies they come to the conclusion that it’s not the right course of action. The Woman in White is terminally ill and Red Mist have made promises to use their technology to save her. The Woman in White’s illness causes her to have a much more violent reaction to Golden Hornets stinger when tragedy strikes. The death of his sister throws the Man in Black into a rage that provides Red Mist with a clear shot of an unmasked Golden Hornet, but much better than that, they have also caught her committing murder on camera!

Of course Red Mist already knew who she was, but proof was required for public consumption. They now had an excellent tool for blackmail…