Retrospective: Season 1 Episode 4: Pre-Production

Season 1 Episode 4

In keeping with dangerous artistic evolution we decided that episode 4 should contain 4 characters, where 3 had 3, and 1 and 2 had only 2, now 4 would have 4. This is a dangerous trend and after certain difficulties we decided to perhaps leave it at this many for a bit.

Of course, when you are writing the thing you write what you want to see rather than concern yourself with how difficult it will be to make in one day. The casting was pretty seamless, we were very happy with who we saw, in fact it unearthed other talented people who would turn up as different characters later on, if only all castings were as productive.

I wanted a character that healed and was a bit less cocky and more good-natured than those we had seen before or who were later to come. The Athena character fitted the bill, but the trouble you often have with healing superheroes is that they are useless at combat. The inference being that they are really a pacifist and see no sense in violence but go along to clear up any mess. However it is difficult to make a character in our show who doesn’t fight. I think perhaps for episode 4 she was written a little too weak, she does have some fight but struggles throughout against Jade (who is meant to be badass) until Miss Freedom is seen for the first time. We can talk more about Miss Freedom in the future, it is really a cameo here. The Peacemaker was an interesting character too and one it would be nice to explore more heavily.

The script was very ambitious with hindsight so it was pretty important that nothing went wrong on shoot day…

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