Yesterday we shot what will be ‘Season Two: Episode Three’, the cameras were rolling from 10:43am until 10:34pm with 25 minutes for lunch sometime around half past one. This does not include the hours of preparation beforehand and the packing up after. That is a very long day for someone to hold a camera and run around, for someone to hold a boom mic and run around after them, and for actors to fight one another intensely, remember lines, stay warm etc.. Each time we have a long shoot of this nature we think about simplifying the fights for next time, having the bare minimum of characters involved, less dialogue that requires us to worry so much about outside sound trouble we have no control over, and any interesting powers a character might have. We could make life much easier on ourselves but in the end we never do because we are asking you to pay some hard earned money, and in return for that we need to deliver hard-made movies.

I DO NOT want people to buy our stuff and to regret the purchase. I am very thankful that by and large people are pleased with what we do, and there are certainly a lot of people now who know what to expect and I still think our level is rising all the time to hopefully exceed those expectations.

Let me tell you now that with the crew and background staff we have on board with this we are operating at around 20% of our potential, I know we could make fabulous stuff, the only thing stopping us is shooting time, because shooting time costs money, I promise you that I put the vast majority of your spend with us into improving the next film, so if you have never bought from us before I want you to please get in contact with me directly at or via the contact form at: and tell me how much you are prepared to pay for your first episode in our series (can be anyone you want) I’ll only say ‘no’ if I think the offer is too low. Make me an offer.

I want as many people to see our work as possible, but they have to value it in some way, I won’t give it away for free. This offer will run until the 4th of November.

~ by nextglobalcrisis on October 25, 2011.

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