Retrospective: Season 1 Episode 2: Shoot

The shoot for episode 2 took place as said previously outside London on November 1st 2009. In the time it took the actors to arrive I had to decide on lighting for the room. It was possible to beam lights in from above as the room itself cut through the middle of the building almost to the roof. After much deliberation though we decided to light from windows at ground level and place gels over the glass. It has an interesting effect, pretty odd… but then, so was the whole scenario.

The actors Stuart and Anastasiya arrived about 11ish and we went through how peoples hair needed to look and what they should be wearing. In the early part of the film before Maria gets into her ‘Angel’ costume/battleskin we had to decide what would work, those who bought the video know what we chose. Both Stuart and Anastasiya had done fight rehearsals in their own time and I was really pleased with how well things had been learned. From a shooting perspective our lives were made easy because of this, and we shot a lot of material. In fact there is so much that didn’t make the edit I am going to give a chunk of it away quite soon so you need to keep checking back here for that.

We shot quite a few wide angle takes that we probably wouldn’t go to the trouble of doing today because so much of it ends up on the cutting room floor (or in the trash of a mac). Stuart, who played both Drone and Doctor parts (yes, we don’t actually have a robot, sorry) was not very well with a bad cold, so spending 80% of the day in that head wear was a tall order. We really crammed so much jeopardy, peril, action, punches, and wrestling into this film that I am kind of amazed that we shot it in 10 hours. I’m so pleased with the result. Episode 1 was very worthwhile but this was a different league, and I know we got excellent feedback from buyers. But hey, if you want to find out for yourself then you can see it all by CLICKING HERE

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