Celestia Profile

Heidi Erstweiler AKA Celestia
Nationality: Austrian
DOB: 01/08/1959
Power: Enhanced Strength and Powered Staff

‘Celestia’ was born in Salzburg, Austria in 1959 to loving parents, they were farm labourers and the family struggled to scrape a living even with only one child. At a very young age Heidi was allowed to play in the fields while her mother prepared dinner. One day in the spring of 1963, she never came back. Her parents were frantic to find her but she disappeared without a trace. What really happened was an abduction. Her abductors required a child for future operations and Heidi was chosen simply due to her young age and remote location at the time of abduction. Her memories were wiped by their powerful technology and between 1963 and 1973 her body was kept in stasis which did not allow her to age. At that point she was brought back to consciousness and given a staff to train with. Her training took place in solitude with orders being given through the use of shapes and colours until she could understand it. The staff has a genetic link to her and brings her great power, her body has been enhanced to make her stronger than a typical human, but with the staff in her hand it is believed she could cope with almost any adversity. In 1989 with her training complete she was given her life mission. Her abductors had used their cutting edge technology to empower another small child, Tamara Steel, later to become Miss Freedom. Heidi’s whole purpose was to retrieve or destroy Tamara’s body whenever she be near the point of death, be that old age or much younger. Heidi was placed in stasis until such time as Tamara’s health deteoriated to an irreparable level. Whereupon she would be sent to her location to stop the technology inside Tamara’s body falling into others hands.

Heidi has had no contact with any people that she can remember. She has virtually no understanding of how the world works beyond extensive human language skills which she learned at the same time as her weapons training. Her fantastic power and her naivety make her an important ally to whichever side of the battle can woo her. Although technically in her 50’s she has only been conscious for about 20 of those and has already achieved her life ambition and purpose. The question is: Where does she go from here?

~ by nextglobalcrisis on October 6, 2011.

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