Episode Eight – Available NOW!

With the future of Elite Force in turmoil, and her public image shattered, an injured Miss Freedom sets about trying to clear her name. If she can locate Powerstar or Suki Deluxe, she can prove to the public that everything John Roman has shown them is a lie. Just as she is growing desperate for leads, and with warrants out for her arrest, she receives a distress call from Suki’s communicator. Conscious that this could be a trap, Miss Freedom has little choice but to investigate, whereupon she finds the criminal Sebastian Luner. With her strength still waning after John Roman’s vicious energy attack, and Luner’s strength at an all-time high thanks to a mysterious pill, it’s clear that this encounter will not be as one-sided as their last. Can Miss Freedom take down Sebastian and restore justice on her own, or does she have back-up?

Buy Now:
High-def : http://www.payloadz.com/go?id=1486131
Standard: http://www.payloadz.com/go?id=1486048

Download FREE trailer:

High-def : MP4 container, H.264 video @ 1024 x 576, AAC audio
Standard: MP4 container, H.264 video @ 512 x 288, AAC audio

Running Time:
17 minutes 0 seconds

~ by nextglobalcrisis on August 7, 2011.

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