Blitz Profile


Name: Victoria Caulfield
DOB: 3/3/1988
Nationality: British
Height: 5’9
Weight: 125lbs
Power: Hyper Mode (Enhanced Attack & Defence for limited time)

Early Life:

Victoria Caulfield enjoyed the most privileged of upbringings in the English countryside. Her father Sir Malcolm Caulfield enjoyed a professional life bounding from one multinational board to the next, receiving multi-million pound pay-offs with every leap. Her mother Elizabeth enjoyed life as a country wife, organising charity fundraisers and jam festivals and tea-parties. Victoria was their only child and it proved a very close family. Perhaps the only blot on the reputation of the family was that Victoria’s great-grandfather was quite a keen Nazi sympathiser. As a bona fide member of the aristocracy she was always something of a tomboy, taking part in very male pursuits such as shooting and archery, proving very adept at both. She is a capable equestrian and swimmer too, something of an action girl ready for anything.


She can go into a kind of hyper mode which one could describe as instinct only where both her defence and attack are greatly enhanced for about a minute. She uses this in particularly difficult situations and can only be snapped out of it by the most vicious of blows. The downside is she is particularly vulnerable to attack once this power runs out, so it is very important that she defeats the enemy she uses it on while it’s running. Now that she is in training with Elite Force she is working hard at extending the length of these ‘Hyper Mode’ episodes and also their frequency. However, due to the current fleeting nature of her power it is also important that she is proficient as a fighter and for this she must train very hard.

Meeting Elite Force:

Victoria was 17 when her power first showed itself. She would go into short and destructive rages lasting only 10 seconds to be followed by a period of exhaustion and great sorrow. Her parents took her to see the very best Doctors and Psychiatrists to discover the matter with this broadly well-adjusted girl. She was monitored closely and it was shown that when typical anger turned to rage the amount of adrenalin her body secreted was immense and potent. With the permission of her parents, one of the Doctors contacted friends at Elite Force who were more qualified to deal with such abnormalities. Elite Force tested her and were delighted with her capabilities while in this ‘Hyper’ scenario, her potential was huge and she was put into a light training program. Over time Victoria became able to control these events and the Force allowed her to gain full trainee status after her 21st birthday.


Victoria comes from a strong family and despite the problems in power development has never had any bouts of depression or melancholy. She is competitive and thoroughly practical with an optimistic outlook. She has genuine heartfelt respect for her elders and more experienced teammates and is keen to learn all that she can in the hope of becoming a fine operative.


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