Nina Hellfire Profile

Nina Hellfire

Real Name: Elena Pannucci
Nationality: Italian
DOB: 3/8/1984
Power: Intra-pyro kinesis

Nina was an abandoned child left by her teenage mother on the doorstep of an orphanage on the outskirts of Turin. She grew up in care largely although was pushed from one foster parent to another over a period of years. She was an attention seeker and was prone to fits of rage when she did not have it. This was the reason why many foster parents could not put up with her for more than a couple of months. She hated the other children she had to live with and bullied many of them.

At the age of 12 she had an argument with one of the nuns who ran the orphanage about her next placement. Nina refused to go, citing the failures of previous attempts. She flew into a rage and gripped the Nun with all her might and fury, the Bride of Christ screamed in agony so much that Nina let go, disturbed by the effect she had seemingly caused. The Nun was rushed to hospital where it was found she had mild internal burns on her organs. From that point Nina was treated with great fear. She was very sorry for what had happened but was totally shunned and avoided.

Out of the blue an Uncle arrived to take care of her. Nina had been unaware of any member of her family throughout her life so it came as a shock. Her Uncle, Paolo, informed her that her mother was dead, she admitted on her deathbed her regrets for giving away her ‘special’ daughter and divulged where she had left the child. Paolo had promised to take care of Nina if he found her.

Paolo’s version of ‘care’ was rather strange, he spent most of his time mentoring Nina about her family heritage, they got into long discussions about religion and psychology, the darkness within the human spirit. Paolo disliked humanity in almost every way, he felt let down and disappointed by people continually. Throughout his house were relics to ancient Gods and long forgotten beliefs. Nina was taken with a small wooden statue of the Babylonian God ‘Erra’ the God of Mayhem. A black figurine covered in red crosses. She was influenced by her Uncle but instead of wallowing in self-pity as he was prone, she determined to change things, to be someone to educate and light the way for humanity.

When Nina told Paolo about her accident with the Nun he was unshaken. “You are my blood, and my blood boils” he said. He then went on to describe the family trait of setting fire to things when enraged with their bare hands. He tested Ninas power and realised it was far more potent than anyone else in the family. Indeed, Nina had stored more rage due to her childhood and abandonment than most could comprehend.

At 19 Nina chose to leave Paolo in search of a higher calling, she had resolved to join Elite Force. She did not entirely agree with the politics and the propaganda they used but was determined to have a platform to change the world. She was smart enough to know that Elite Force scouted potential agents in fight tournaments. She trained on the job, working herself into a frenzy of excited anger and taking a barrage of punishment so she could inflict burns on her opponent. As time passed she became adept at fighting too and glorified in toying with her prey and inflicting maximum damage. Just as she bullied children in her orphanage now she bullied opponents in the fight arena. She reserved a particular hatred for pretty girls, seeing them as direct barriers to her ascent into Elite Force, she took great pleasure in ‘psyching them out’ and then delivering on her promises to destroy them. It didn’t take long for Elite Force to take notice of her.

Before being offered a place in the training regime, Elite Force officials argued about her personality, and her brutality. Some saw it as very necessary to gain victory over equally unpleasant foes, while others feared Nina might become a destructive influence in the group. It was decided that she be admitted to the training program under strict rules. She could not use her power on other trainees as that would harm their progress too much. A certain level of brutality was permitted but the computer system would intervene if this got out of hand. They all agreed to work on her attitude to make her fit to be an Elite Force agent, she must understand the need for public relation with the media and wider public and at the very least have a workable relationship with agents within the force.

Nina began training at 23 with the same passion and brutal ambition shown to this point. She was a terrible loser and almost always came back to win any rematch, it was clear that her abilities made her potentially formidable, yet many officials still feared her bad influence within the group. To negate these fears she was often given her own space away from other combatants and spent much time training alone, the lessons she was given in teamwork seemed to be going over her head. As time went by she became frustrated that she did not have an ‘on air’ role and so she pushed the limits and rules of engagements as far as possible. Currently she has a certain amount of disillusionment about the project having trained extensively for three years to no avail.


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