Episode Six – Available NOW!

**TOP SECRET** Security Alert Level 5 Eyes Only

From: Michael Sampson, Head of Operations

A security breach has taken place at the main training facility. Alarms were sounded at 07:00 local time yesterday whereupon a call was put out to check the situation, we were assured that the alarm was set off by vermin and a pest control team was dispatched to deal with the problem earlier today. At 09:30 this morning the team entered the facility where they found a dead guard, his neck broken. In the main training area the team found a small portable camera and a glove thought to belong to recruit Suki DeLuxe discarded on the floor. Footage has been reviewed and a struggle did take place. The pest control team rightly felt this was above their pay grade and sent the footage to me, I am now circulating it. There is also footage on the camera left behind that is most disturbing… an enquiry and a meeting of all level 5 members will take place at HQ at 16:00 local time tomorrow. We must find a way of dealing with this threat. I am making available a portion of the footage for you to review before we meet.

Total Running Time: 21 minutes 35 seconds

Free Trailer Download: Click Here

Buy HD Movie & Promo Set: Click Here

Buy Standard Movie: Click Here

The HD download provides the highest resolution picture and also useful artists impressions by Danny Ryan


~ by nextglobalcrisis on November 15, 2010.

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