Suki DeLuxe Profile

Suki DeLuxe

Real Name: Cassandra Bell
DOB: 14/6/1985
Height: 5’5
Weight: 122lbs
Nationality: Japanese (Ethnic background 25% Japanese, 75% American)

Power: Natural X-Ray & Gamma Radiant

Early Life:
Suki was born Cassandra Bell in 1985 in Tokyo, Japan to an American father and half Japanese/American mother. Her father Michael was stationed there and worked for various US and Russian arms companies at different times selling to countries in the region. Cassandra had a strong relationship with her mother Murasaki who taught her a lot about Japanese traditions. Her mother became quite unhappy in the marriage and left Michael in 1993. He had been a poor father and also had quite a vindictive streak so he fought his now ex-wife for custody of Cassandra and with his vast resources won the case. Cassandra was taken away from her mother and left in the care of her father, who would leave her with various nannies. Michael was always upset that he never had a boy so in an attempt to gain her fathers respect Cassandra took up martial arts and was surprisingly good. This activity failed to impress her father however who was something of a traditionalist and against women fighting. His general disinterest in Cassandra’s life allowed her to continue however. Her fighting skills were excellent, if she did lose then often it was very quick but the longer a fight lasted the more tired her opponent would become until eventually she wore them down, no matter their size or strength. She gained the nickname ‘Second Wind’ as often she might take or be literally running away to avoid a beating early on, only to come on very strong and gain victory after several minutes. She fought in an unorthodox and direct way and it seemed any blow she landed was significant. She won various girls tournaments and by the age of 17 had quite a name in Japan for this, often beating the best men the country had to offer. She secretly began visiting her mother again also, when her father learned this he packed her off to America to study. She now loathed him and changed her name as a protest, choosing Suki as a name she had always liked and taken her mothers maiden name Tanaka. She continued to fight in America, legally and illegally, laying (eventual) waste to all comers. The style of her fights was so unusual that she became someone you needed to see, this ‘fame’ of sorts was enough to alert Elite Force to her existence.

Elite Force:
Suki was approached by Elite Force scout Eugene Horowitz in the summer of 2003 just after her 18th birthday. His job was to follow up leads about extraordinary feats by any person in the western United States. He heard about Suki through well used channels like fight tournament organisers and promoters. Eugene did background checks and noted her time in Japan as a teenager. He then made sure when he saw her that she was in a fight she would ordinarily be expected to lose. It turned out to be this slight 18 year old girl against a large and stocky man ten years her senior. Things started badly with Suki taking some very hard shots but her defence was largely sound after a few minutes of this she began to attack, focusing almost entirely on her opponents right hip, her attacks were not particularly strong but seemed to be having great effect, after a while his mobility slowed and he dropped to his knees, whereupon Suki continually pummelled him until he quit, the crowd were impressed but somewhat subdued by this point, Eugene wasn’t feeling well but gave Suki his card and explained his connections to Elite Force. Upon checking over her defeated opponent he learned that the man had recently injured his hip but thought it had cleared up, and told no one about it. Suki took a week to call Eugene, a tardiness which was unusual amongst those he gave his details to. He set up a meeting between Suki and Richard Humble who at that time was running Elite Force training camp in Alaska. Humble pitted her against recent recruits and she did well, again focusing on one or two specific areas of her opponents body and wearing them down. Humble noticed that everyone present had grown somewhat pale and hypothesised that perhaps in Suki he had found a recruit with a useful power rather than simply good combat skills. Various tests were performed and her true power was discovered, she was then moved to the Elite recruits and spent the next 3 years training with them. It was Humble who gave her the moniker ‘Deluxe’ as he put that “She always had some thing extra”, although more recently this description is considered apt as she appears little more than a luxury the force doesn’t need.

Suki still lacks some control over her powers and therefore is seen as almost a liability to Elite Force until she controls them. She has the ability to omit both X and Gamma rays but will often have a negative effect on people she isn’t directing it at, making it hard to envisage her as anything but a solo heroine. Her use of X ray enables her not to see through a person entirely but through to the muscle tissue and occasionally the bones in very difficult situations. This is useful as it enables her to focus on the weaknesses of her opponents which may go unnoticed. She can then attack these areas to greater effect. She also has very low Gamma emissions which appear to be constant. This also gives her an edge in combat since the longer a fight lasts the more her opponent seems to lose momentum as the early stages of radiation sickness begin to take hold. It had been hoped by Elite Force that she would learn to both strengthen this radiation and make it completely directional, affecting only who she wished to harm. By strengthening it she could quickly weaken any foe, by directing it properly she could also spend time in public and in teams of heroes.

Suki is quite good natured but has a hard time trusting men. Her father was a big disappointment to her and left her feeling unloved and unwanted. She gets more out of fighting men than women, and enjoys beating them and the odds which may be stacked against her. She hates to feel useless and presently this has been compounded by Elite Force’s refusal to use her in any real combat situation. She just moves from training session to training session and is beginning to wonder if she should try and leave the unit altogether. She is very proud of her Japanese heritage and although speaks perfect English and looks western she considers herself Japanese. This adds to her feelings of being alone and not belonging though as her appearance means that she is not fully accepted in her homeland. She was very much hoping to become a major heroine in Elite Force arsenal and protect that part of the world but these dreams don’t look like they will be realised.

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8 Responses to “Suki DeLuxe Profile”

  1. So far one of my Favorite girl from all the series she’s a tough girl and she is sexy a deadly combination plus her her powers are deadly keep up with her I really would like to see more of her on the next future episodes

  2. Suki is my favorite! Cant wait to see more!! 🙂

  3. I love her costume, i’m after one lol :)Where are you guys bases by the way? 🙂

    • I am glad you like it. We are based in the UK.

      • sweet, i tried contacting you earlier on your contact us page on your website, but there ain’t no send message button lol. I’d love be a villan in of your awesome vids lol ~(i’ve got a spandex skelton suit lol). keep up the great work 🙂

  4. hope to hear from you guys soon 🙂

  5. I love Suki! My favorite actress and she was in my favorite episode thus far (episode 6). Hope to see more of her soon!

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