Leadfoot Profile


Real Name: Piet Kruger
Age: 32
Nationality: South African
Height: 6’4
Weight: 600lbs+
Power: Lead Skeleton, Enhanced Strength

Early Life:

Pieter S. Kruger was born in 1978 in Pretoria, South Africa. He never knew who his father was as his mother was a drug addict and would turn tricks regularly at this time to get her fix. Consequently she was a poor mother to her son who survived only with the bare essentials growing up. Should he acquire anything of value it would quickly be sold should his mother find it. In 1993 Piets mother contracted HIV. It was never divulged whether this was from intercourse or the sharing of needles but as knowledge of HIV/AIDS grew it was clear that her activities had put her at great risk. She fell pregnant soon after diagnosis and had a daughter named ‘Clara’ who was mixed-race. Soon after Piets mother became sick and contracted full AIDS, dying in early 1995. Piet attempted to raise his sister but she too had contracted the virus and was to die in 1998, which devastated Piet. He had a very poor education, having been schooled very infrequently as a child, but he had other skills he could use.

Piet was an incredibly heavy baby, which contributed to his neglect, his mother, whenever she was interested couldn’t lift him so he spent a lot of time on the floor. He was a very late walker, nearly 4 years old when he started, but soon after he began to grow in strength tremendously. He was something of a school bully, easily able to overpower boys several years older than him, but thankfully for them he did not attend often enough to worry about. He got into lots of fights, mainly because he enjoyed them, and he could beat anyone who was thrown at him. Aged 15 he began to run with gangs in his local area, but after his sister died he moved to Johannesburg in search of bodyguard or security work. It wasn’t long before he found some working for gangland bosses in the area. He was also regularly involved in unlicensed boxing/fights which he would always win. His friends gave him the nickname ‘Leadfoot’ as he was known for stamping on opponents, regularly breaking ribs or worse. In his last fight he did this and the colleagues of his opponent took exception and shot him in the head twice. A gun fight ensued and he was left for dead. So when he showed up for work the next day his bosses were somewhat shocked, they coerced a doctor to look at him and it was at this point his secret was uncovered. The doctor didn’t let on to the gang about why the bullets had largely bounced off his skull but couldn’t keep his mouth shut when talking to friends within his profession. Nobody believed it but the rumour spread far enough that a scout for the soon to be formed ‘Red Mist’ found out. After paying the doctor for information and his silence, the scout posed as a professional boxing promoter and lured Piet with an all expenses paid trip to Stockholm in Sweden where tests would be carried out on him. It was there that they found he had a lead skeleton, his nickname of ‘Leadfoot’ proving most apt. He also possessed greater strength than anyone Red Mist had been working with to that point. Although it could be accepted that carrying such a heavy skeleton around might strengthen the muscles, his strength went beyond that. Eventually Red Mist came clean about why he was there, without going into politics he was told that he now worked for a much bigger gang than previously and would be given whatever he wanted provided he agreed to continue testing. Piet was convinced easily, the set up of the facility clearly had strong financial backing, so he didn’t argue with any of it.

Value to Red Mist:
It was clear from the outset that Piet could fill a void in Red Mist recruitment. They lacked members with considerable strength and badly needed at least one. Once the tests on Piet were complete they found that his strength was between 50-60% that of Miss Freedom, whose abilities were well documented. It was felt they needed to do whatever it took to close this gap as Piet was around twice as strong and durable as anyone they had ever heard of before. Trials of steroids and muscle enhancing drugs were used for the next year in an attempt to strengthen him yet not risk his health too much. After months of enhancement they unfortunately hit a plateau of around 85% Miss Freedom strength. This was disappointing, but at least they now had an ally who might be able to slow her down.

Fighting Style:
Piet does not have a fighting style as such, due to his extreme advantages over opponents and incredibly high pain threshold he will generally walk through punches to carry out his own moves. He is a little bit slow so a fast moving opponent may be able to avoid him for a while, but most of his shots are bone-breakers or knock-outs.

Piet has no interest in politics and Red Mist were astute enough to not even bother explaining their objectives with him. He understands that he works for them now and will carry out any instruction he is given. That said his character is quite difficult to get along with. He has a very poor attention span and will let people know rather crudely when he has had enough of them. He loves to fight and generally takes great delight in hurting other people. This is due to being hurt deeply himself by his mother and having that misery compounded by the death of a sister whom he did love. He has learned that you must take the things you want and if people are prepared to give you anything then you don’t ask questions. He is very keen to get started on proper work for his new employers and they too are looking forward to an appropriate time to unleash him. Piet doesn’t respect intellect but he does respect success and ambition.


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