Shadow Profile


Real Name: Dan Simmonds
DOB: 16/12/1977
Nationality: British

Dan ‘Shadow’ Simmonds is a key training instructor for Elite Force. He works as the number two to Dr Richard Humble, advising him on the progress of recruits and devising new training techniques, often tempering the Doctors own outlandish ideas. He feels he has a duty of care to the recruits but is also aware that he needs to offer a fair reflection of the dangers they might face in the real world.

Dan was head-hunted by Elite Force specifically for this role, he had spent 5 years in the Royal Marines before being moved to the Special Forces unit, the S.B.S (Special Boat Service). He has seen action in several places but most notably and strangely for the S.B.S in mountainous areas of Afghanistan. Simmonds rose to the rank of Warrant Officer and showed an aptitude and skill beyond his highly qualified contemporaries. Cool under fire, he got the nickname ‘Shadow’ for several acts of bravery that would normally see a common soldier shot, his unit commander joked that bullets must pass right through him as if he were a shadow.

He received the ‘Conspicuous Gallantry Cross’ for his bravery and this brought him to the attention of Elite Force, where Naval Command were only too happy to endorse their decision to use him.

He began work with Elite Force in late 2006 at the time they began their current training schedule of making recruits fight one another, captured criminals, drones, and instructors. He does not have a permanent record of fights won and lost, but it is fair to say he wins more than he loses due to fresh recruits often having no control over their powers and little combat skill. By the end of their training they should be able to beat him.

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