Magenta Profile

Name: Helen Campbell AKA Magenta
DOB: 12/3/1987
Nationality: British (Scottish)
Power: Future Sight

Early Life:

Helen Campbell is from Perth in Scotland and was brought up by her father after her mother left the family when she was 6 months old. Oddly for a child Helen never seemed to get into any scrapes or accidents. She was a very introverted child also, lost in her own imagination a lot of the time. At age 9 she went to live with her Grandmother while her father went and worked on an oil rig. Her Grandmother was a fortune teller over the phone and occasionally at fairgrounds. Effectively a fraud she was something of an expert at cold reading and telling customers what they wanted or expected to hear. Helen would go along to her readings from time to time. During one particular reading where nothing much of consequence happened the punter left her grandmothers tent, ten seconds later Helen leapt to her feet and ran after the punter, she grabbed his arm and told him not to get in his car, as he tried to calm the young girl down a truck lost control and piled into his parked car on the drivers side causing massive damage. The man was dumb-founded, had this little girl not delayed him he would almost certainly have been killed in his car. The story made the local papers but soon sunk without a trace with many writing it off as some kind of coincidence. However Helen’s grandmother was convinced that her granddaughter had some kind of ability and would test her with Tarot cards, making Helen guess what the next card was, she was never wrong. After all of these basic tests it seemed as though Helen could only see about twenty seconds into the future. It was a frustrating limit as any money that could be made required longer such as a horse race or sports event and Helen was too young for casinos. One day however Helen was no longer too young for casinos. On her 18th birthday she caught the train to London and started to play in a handful of establishments. Roulette was her game of choice as most of the time she could see the number the ball found on the wheel just in time to place a bet. Over the following months she was successful to the point of naivety. Most casinos banned her, so she took to the hugely popular poker circuit. Knowing which cards were about to be turned over or laid down by her opponents was a significant advantage. She made no attempt to hide her successes and teenage poker champions were pretty uncommon. Elite Force scouts heard the story and were duty bound to report any unusual human activities to their superiors. Therefore Helen was brought in for testing.

Elite Force:

Helen was fearful of the trouble her ability may have got her into. This fear made her tell all about her skill and prove it to her inquisitors. Elite Force felt that as it stood it could be useful in combat, providing a kind of assistance either over intercom or in the room at a safe distance. She would need to be trained in defending herself of course. The real prize however, was to get Helen to extend the limit of her power to take in future events further in the distance than twenty seconds. The power Elite Force could wield by knowing a day or a week or longer in advance would be immense. Now Helen divides her time between combat training and testing of her powers. Her value was so apparent that she was made offers she could not refuse to join, millions of US Dollars were placed in trust for her and her father and grandmother were well taken care of. She was even allowed to come up with her own alias. She chose ‘Magenta’ as pink was her favourite colour and there was already a pop star called ‘Pink’. She finds the combat sessions very difficult with no grounding in it whatsoever. The advantage she has is she can sometimes see punches and kicks coming towards her right before they happen, almost as if it is in slow motion, which saves her from a few drubbings. This skill is still quite raw though. The trainers are under strict instructions to protect her when necessary and save morale getting too low. This is against their better judgement however, as they would rather see her learn from defeat.


Helen is a good natured girl of average intelligence. She knows that she is valuable to Elite Force but does not really understand the politics of the situation and is really in over her head. She dislikes combat training but continues as she doesn’t wish to let anyone down. She is not convinced that she will ever be able to do the things that they want her to do.


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