Bluebird Profile

Real Name: Sarah Harper
DOB: 01/01/1988
Power: Enhanced Speed & Stamina
She is a Double Agent working for both MI6 and the CIA.

Early Life:

Sarah was born to Charles and Emily Harper in 1988. Charles Harper worked for British Military Intelligence from 1991 until his death in an overly zealous interrogation in 2002 by the CIA. It was suspected that he was passing secrets to the Iranians and although never cracked under interrogation his heart stopped as a result of electric shocks. He was a victim of ‘Extraordinary Rendition’ whereupon he was taken to a ‘black site’ in Egypt for his fateful interrogation. This killing, though never proven, caused a large personal rift between members of the British secret service and the CIA. Until this point Sarah had lived a quiet and happy comfortable middle-class upbringing in London. She was a superb schools athlete and academic pupil. She was 14 when her father died, the explanation given was a heart attack while away on business (technically correct). The loss of her father scarred Sarah very deeply and she spent her mid-teens losing focus of her promising academic career where she gave into drinking and mild drugs. Since the death of Charles she and her mother had been surveilled by Charles’ former boss and friend Simon Cross. He was deeply hurt by what had happened to Charles and what his death was now doing to his family. For this reason Simon created an alias for himself and infiltrated the Harpers lives. He did this initially by wooing Emily the widow with his considerable charm and they married in 2004 making Simon, or more precisely his alias, Sarah’s step-father. Simon took notice of Sarahs problems, doing much to remove any bad influences from her life. He saw huge potential in her athletically, she seemed to have almost limitless stamina and he encouraged her into martial arts training. Simon spent a great deal of time with Sarah and began to obsess about her. His marriage to Emily was an act but he began to develop strong feelings for the daughter and before long they began an affair. This was a considerable betrayal by Simon who at first had transplanted himself into Charles Harpers life and was now taking advantage of his teenage daughter. The betrayal stretched beyond him also with Sarah enthralled by this man but also wracked with guilt about betraying her mother. It was clear to Simon that Sarah had the skills to become an agent and so shortly before her 18th birthday he revealed that he worked for MI6 and nothing more. She gained entry to the service on his say-so and was given extensive combat and weapons training. Her ability to last without tiring was truly impressive, amongst the best anyone had ever seen. Simon still harboured great anger towards the CIA and wanted to use Sarah against them. He knew without proof that members of the CIA who had given the go-ahead to the torture of Charles Harper reported to ‘The Collective’ and ‘Elite Force’. Simon took the unilateral decision to try and get Sarah inducted into Elite Force with the express use of leaking information to him about the Force from the inside. Unbeknownst to Simon she was also approached by members in the CIA who were not in the ‘Elite Force loop’ and who wanted information on their training techniques and future operations. She declined to serve as an agent for the Americans until they informed her with indisputable proof about the real Simon Cross, his relationship with her father and the way he had callously infiltrated the lives of a grieving family. Importantly they omitted from their account any details about the death of Charles Harper. Sarah was still in a relationship, albeit an unequal one, with Simon and he had considerable emotional power over her still, despite these revelations. She decided to play double agent and leak information to both sources while she figured out just what to do about it all. She wished to cool her relations with Simon but the necessary conversation never occurred as she was whisked away to Elite Force training, where she would not see him on a regular basis for some time.

Elite Force:

Sarah was permitted to enter Elite Force for training as strings had been pulled by two separate members of ‘The Collective’. This was in fact fraudulent and rather shaky ground to be working on. Her contacts in both the CIA and MI6 took the punt using names of people they suspected were Collective members, it turns out they were right and therefore Sarah was allowed to join. Sarah impressed the hierarchy in the Force with her solid attitude and useful skills. While her powers were diminutive by comparison to other members, she was resourceful and intelligent in ways that were uncommon amongst current recruits. She would find combat quite harsh as those she fought were generally more powerful, but her ability to continue despite taking damage was commendable and would see her through some sticky situations. She enjoyed the training but never felt as though she would ever make it as a field operative as she expected to be pulled out at some point if her cover was blown. Should she make it as an operative her plan was to do as Elite Force wanted unless told otherwise by her contacts in British and American intelligence, it could prove a difficult juggling act. Right now she must simply continue to exist in the Force until she is needed, that means impressing her trainers to the extent that they don’t throw her out, which will be difficult considering what she is up against.


Sarah is capable of enhanced speed and stamina. She can also take considerable punishment and still be able to fight on. This is a useful if unglamorous power and good enough to warrant her training. If she does tire momentarily she can quickly overcome it.


Sarah is in a difficult position. She is being pressurised and pulled in several different directions. Guilt over what she has done to her mother, abandonment issues regarding her father, and a reasonably strong feeling of betrayal by Simon Cross. Overall she feels like someone who is being used but has no way of removing themselves from this. She is controlled by others and it seems as though something will have to give in the tangled web of her life. She is good natured by and large but also pretty determined. She is a good actress and a fine liar, able to tell even the smartest people what they want to hear in order for her to continue in her role with Elite Force.

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