Sebastian Luner Profile

Sebastian Luner AKA 不滅

Nationality: British/Spanish

DOB: 15/7/1981

Power: Nine Lives Assassin

Early Life:

Sebastian was born in Pamplona, Spain. His father Julio was a drug trafficker who was married and faithful to his mother Elena. His father was a cold-blooded killer who did not attempt to hide his violent work from his son. He instilled in Sebastian the belief that; “The weak should fall, and every life you take makes you stronger” in fact this was true in the case of Julio, who was dubbed ‘Alma Muerta’ or ‘Dead Soul’ based on his cold attitude and the fact he had been shot many times yet survived. Years later Julio would elaborate on his philosophies, telling Sebastian that he carried black magic with him that passed to his son, for every life he took another would be added on to his. At age 5 Elena left Julio and took Sebastian to London where her parents were living, Julio could not follow due to extradition treaties but ordered the murder of his estranged wife. Sebastian remained in England with his grand-parents after the death of his mother before seeking out his father again during his teens. At which point he learned about his hereditary powers. Despite much anger towards his father for ordering the hit against Elena, the bond between father and son proved strong and soon the boy was working for his fathers syndicate. Sebastian wasted no time in taking lives for his father but before he could really get started the law caught up with Julio, placing him in prison for life in solitary confinement. Sebastian fled Spain and found his way to Japan. When in Tokyo he joined with a Yakuza group, his penchant for violence impressing them. Soon he was working as a bare handed assassin, he was excessively strong and could take a lot of punishment, worse than this he could survive gunshot wounds. He became a legend among the Japanese underground, known as ‘The Immortal’ (不滅) after 5 years of working for Yakuza bosses he learned that he had not been paid properly for his most recent assignment, his rage at this coupled with his boredom of the Yakuza caused him to kill 5 Yakuza bosses and take as much money as he could lay his hands on. He was hunted across Japan for this and had to flee yet again. He slowly made his way back to Spain, casually dispensing of any unfortunate who happened to be around him whenever his violence was ready to be unleashed. His time in Japan alerted him to Elite Force as basically a one man terrorist operation, and they sent their best people to arrest him.

Elite Force:

Sebastian was arrested by Powerstar in 2006. He had been wanted for a long time and was considered extremely dangerous yet she was able to take him down after a rather punishing battle due to his advanced strength and defence on top of his main attribute. He was taken to an Elite Force testing facility and put under heavy sedation while they worked out how to deal with him. His power, while still something of a mystery to them appeared as though it could be very valuable but it was clear early on that in his current mental state it would be impossible to turn him to their side, or any side for that matter. To date they have killed him 8 times and each time he has awakened within 24 hours of death, most often within a minute. No defibrillators were used or resuscitation techniques, his heart just began beating again. It cannot be confirmed whether he truly gains a life by taking one but he certainly seems to believe it. Elite Force did a great deal of testing on Sebastian to work out which parts of his brain are stimulated by the prospect of killing. Armed with this information they developed a collar which deals powerful electric shocks at the point where it looks likely he will kill. After this had been proven to distraction Sebastian was kept in his cell and brought out to help in the training of recruits, violence remained in him but the killer instinct was taken away by the collar and the ability to lock his boots down to the magnetised floor. This made him the perfect foil for recruits as he was someone who could give them a real world challenge, someone who really wanted to hurt them but who could not kill them.


Sebastian gains a life for everyone he takes. He worked as an assassin for 5 years for the Yakuza’s in Japan and slay 60 people on their behalf, upon leaving the Yakuza’s he killed 5 of their number and during his long walk back to the west it is not known how many people he killed, he is addicted to killing. Elite Force believed that when they began testing him he had at least 100 lives to burn. Now that he has been chemically robbed of the ability to kill (temporarily at least) he is using his lives up as they learn about how he works.


Sebastian does not value human life other than to strengthen his own. He was addicted to killing and remains addicted to violence. He is currently extremely frustrated by his position in Elite Force and longs for revenge on them, something he is at least able to get in a small way with its recruits. He feels very inadequate having met the same fate as his father but before passing on his gift. All he can think about is getting out of captivity and finding a cure for the ‘sickness’ Elite Force have inflicted upon him. He is beginning to fear death for the first time as his lives are being used up with no hope of replenishment, although he knows he has many left.


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2 Responses to “Sebastian Luner Profile”

  1. Best Character, lets get more of him. Love the Tattoos. Would like to see him out of his cage!

  2. I´ll say that he´s a great character.. =) and not only lovely tatoos.. but also lovely arms.. =) nice actor indeed.. I wonder if there was a chance to meet him.. It would be something interesting… anyway.. my best wishes for your show!! =) byee!!

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