Dr Truth Profile

Dr Truth

Name: Armin Schlau
Age: 34
Height: 5’10
Weight: 165lbs
Nationality: German


Armin has the uncanny ability to get people to do what he wants. Although very few of them know why. This has been described as ‘Coercive Persuasion’ and is used with varying intensity depending upon the subject. Armin has no physical strength of training so his effects are purely psychological.

Encounter with Red Mist:

Armin is naturally very interested in people and he observes them in a very clinical fashion. He understands human psychology very well and this enables him to get to the heart of his subjects problems with great ease. He believes that all people are very similar, he does not believe that anyone is infallible either. Most people put on a front and he is very capable of working around this to see the true picture. He was a committed academic and wrote many theses on the human mind, body language, and psychology in general. He has a particular interest in psychotics for their minds largely work outside the confines of most humans.

He was brought into Red Mist after one of his theses was published and read by a high ranking member of the Collective. The thesis was about the similarities between the individual and the masses, and what stimuli may be applied to get individuals or large groups to do what you want. Armin boasted in his thesis that once you knew specific rules you could control anybody. At the meeting Armin was asked to try this. At which point he secretly placed the Collective member into his persuasion and subtly manipulated the surroundings to make him more suggestible. As far as his subject could tell this was an extremely potent form of hypnosis and it impressed the Collective member who put Red Mist in contact with Armin. At first it was to help bring any doubters into the cause, his value was far greater however and his role increased into fields of interrogation, and the extraction of information, which was an area Red Mist were very pleased to expand into.

Own Psychology:

Armin is very much an outsider with no desire to be accepted or belong. Intellectually he considers himself above pretty much all humanity and is generally amused by their antics however serious or foul. He is very interested in the objectives of Red Mist, but he is involved purely out of scientific interest rather than being a ‘believer’. He has not considered the moral implications of anything they wish to do as such a thing is too emotive, he simply doesn’t work that way. He considers the hopes, dreams, and loves of ordinary people a result of chemical reactions in their animals brain, but he does enjoy toying with them.


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