Miss Freedom Profile

Miss Freedom
Real Name: Tamara Steel
Age: 22
Nationality: American
Height: 5’8
Weight: 250lbs (bone density)
Power: Extreme Strength & Damage Resistance


Early Life:
Tamara Steel was born in late 1987 to David and Katrina Steel, a young married couple living in Southern California. The world Tamara was brought into was comfortably middle-class. Church on Sundays, a strong social circle and what would amount to a very happy upbringing for any normal child. Tamara was not a normal child. At age 2 her mother heard loud noises resembling some kind of electrical energy surge coming from the sky. It was not raining outside and although the noises were just as loud as thunder they came without lightening. David was away on business so alone she checked on her little girl and noticed to her horror that the child was not in her crib, she searched the house and then frantically called the police, the thunderous noises had since stopped. When the police arrived she left the house to greet them with a picture of Tamara. After some discussion on the front lawn one of the policemen looked up to see the child stood on the roof of the two-storey house. Tamara was not moving but transfixed on the sky. The police carefully retrieved her, much to the relief of Katrina. In passing before they left, Katrina mentioned the strange thunderstorm she had encountered, the police looked up at the stars on one of the clearest nights of the year and suggested that perhaps Katrina had dreamed it. After this incident Tamara was very quiet for several months, her parents had tests done to try to get to the bottom of her behaviour. In the course of these tests doctors found the child weighed significantly more than average children her age yet outwardly did not display signs of fat build up. It was later discovered that she possessed an astonishing bone density, far higher than anything previously seen in any grown adult. This reason was at first given for her unusual strength, carrying such a heavy skeleton around advancing her musculature. This excuse became inadequate however once Tamara began displaying amazing strength feats like crushing metal, breaking furniture and toys effortlessly. By 4 years of age she was stronger than both of her parents and was very hard for them to control. Tamaras existence had alerted the United States government and a deal was done with the parents that they could test her for a few days a month in return for everything she needed. She received the best education and was convinced to keep her power a secret in return for anything she wanted. This went some way to spoiling the young lady, who was firmly sold on the idea that she was special. Her life was very comfortable and in return she was regularly tested. These tests were often to do with strength but since her muscles were so powerful she moved much faster than other people, she jumped much higher and further too and had an almost bulletproof exterior which could not be penetrated by typical weapons. She only felt pain at the extreme edge of testing and this would result in whomever caused it to regret their actions! An angry Tamara was not something which anybody wished to get in the way of. She was a supremely confident teenager and despite her powers remaining a secret it was clear she had more of everything than her peers. She was very popular at school for her good looks and forceful strength of character.

Elite Force:
By 2006 Elite Force had been running for several years with some considerable success, their backers were generally pleased with what they were doing and although member states had political wranglings over what to do with force members over issues such as the Iraq war, the future of the force was not really in doubt. It was at this point that the US government put forward Tamara Steel as a member of the unit. Unknown to Elite Force at the time apart from some idle chatter that the US government might be cherry-picking super-powered humans from within its borders, the units training chiefs were astonished by her power. She was far stronger than anyone currently on their books, there was no way to harm her within even their relaxed safety parameters. Her good looks and engaging personality also made her a terrific candidate to head the unit. At first she was sent on missions with Powerstar, these missions were very easy for Tamara with the threat neutralised before Powerstar had a chance to act. Tamara was a whirlwind of success and with the prompting of the US government was set up as a leader for the unit and given the moniker of ‘Miss Freedom’ a young woman who stood up for the unbeatable principles of justice and democracy. Before long posters and billboards proclaiming her might and grace sprang up everywhere. She became a media darling, particularly back home, and was soon the ultimate celebrity. Miss Freedom became closely associated with Michael Sampson the head of the unit, who in her saw an opportunity to become much bigger than the current remit. Tamara loved what being in Elite Force brought her, but she was almost unaware of what it stood for. Whenever she was asked a political question she would answer in her own voice, using her own opinion, which often lacked the sophistication or the care the force had been known for. Sampson would chide her for this from time to time, but so taken was he with her as an asset she never really became trained in the right things to say or do. Intellectuals hated her, but any criticism of Miss Freedom herself would bring a storm cloud to their door and so she was left as ever to do as she pleased.

Operative Use:
Miss Freedom is the units de facto leader, and their most powerful operative. To date no conflict has remotely fazed her. Regularly she is sent in to mop up altercations which have been fought by lower ranking members who may be struggling, she is then quick to press the PR button and make her involvement known as well as espousing her core beliefs in freedom. Many conflicts have been averted by the threat of sending Miss Freedom to resolve them, her power is greatly respected globally and within the unit.

Miss Freedom knows that she is the best, she is very comfortable with this and does not see it as a pressure or burden. Her supreme self-confidence often crosses over into arrogance and although this hasn’t undone her yet it may only be a matter of time. Miss Freedom rates her intelligence highly also but she does over-estimate on this point. By no means stupid she is however inclined to miss the detail and see most things in black or white, good or evil.


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  1. I am hoping that Red Mist can find someway of dealing with this super strength medeler:)

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