Jade Vendetta Profile

Jade Vendetta AKA ‘Jade the Blade’
Real Name: Jenevieve Vielle
Age: 30
Nationality: French
Height: 5’5
Weight: 126lbs
Power: Supreme Focus
Faction: Red Mist


Early Life:

Jenevieve Vielle was born on February 29th 1980 in Reims, France. She was an unplanned child, her father was in his fifties and her mother well into her forties. She had two elder brothers Jaye and Dace. Both in their twenties, they ran local gangs at a strong profit, much greater than their father achieved whom they both succeeded in the family ‘business’. The brothers had profited from the new drugs trade building upon their interests in Casinos throughout North-East France. Regulations on gambling were quite draconian at this time in France which led to a greater emphasis being placed on illegal activities to maintain family income. The brothers did well as they paid everybody who needed to be paid and ruled with the carrot rather than the stick. They both doted on their little sister and she had a great relationship with them. Besides that her childhood wasn’t particularly happy as a result of very strict and aloof parents, especially her mother whose physical punishments could be particularly cruel. Her mother was an ‘alpha-female’ in the sense that not only did she dominate her household but she also dominated community affairs in the locality and constantly argued with her sons about how to run things. Jenevieve learnt some important lessons from her mother in formative years such as the need to stand up for herself but she would not like any similarities between them to be made known. In 1994 both of her brothers were killed by members of their own gang, supposed friends. Jen took this very hard and vowed revenge on the perpetrators. From that point on she would only answer to the first name of Jade, as it was an amalgamation of her beloved brothers names and possibly because of her fascination with far-eastern culture.

ASIDE: Her brothers were killed because their mother had gone over their heads and sent messages to gang members they were having trouble with that they would be killed if they didn’t shape up. These gang members were not motivated by this and pre-empted their own murders by killing the brothers and going into hiding. Although Jades mother did not mean for this outcome it was her fault. Jade does not know this, all she sees is a disloyal gang who were always treated well showing violence and taking liberties. Therefore she grew closer to her mothers way of dealing with people, stick not carrot.


Jenevieve was highly intelligent and excelled at school. She had an uncanny ability to enter almost a trance-like state where she would silently absorb the information and be capable of repeating all the necessary facts by heart. She could block out all distractions from any goal or purpose. She was not simply an academic either but a keen sportswoman. Her excellent grades and the family’s wealth afforded her the finest education money could buy. At the age of 11 she tried Fencing for the first time and was astonishingly good. It was as if she had all the time in the world to move away from her opponents striking and perfectly time her own attacks. This was not luck but the continued development of her super-ability. Fencing was a noble art but her interest deviated to all kinds of weaponry, she was particularly fascinated by far-eastern culture; Samurai swords and the like. At age 18 she took a year out from her studies and moved to Japan. There she trained with various master at arms and her innate abilities enabled her to best them within weeks of training. Her powers developed to the point of extreme reflexes and focus, and an ability to learn pretty much anything vastly quicker than a normal person.


Jade studied languages at Cambridge University in England. The course was chosen as her ability allowed her to master complex languages in a few weeks. This left her spare time to master her weaponry while others studied. It was at Cambridge that she met Nathaniel Goldman, heir to a billion pound sterling fortune. A Jewish family whose interests started in Oil but by this point was largely involved in banking. Jade was besotted by his natural charm and was soon to buy into his politics. Nathaniel believed in philosophies such as Eugenics and the teachings of Nietzsche as regards ‘Ubermensch’. These kinds of philosophies mixed with Jade’s personal experience of her brothers murders at the hands of effectively their servants made for a powerful cocktail. For the good of all those who are meant to rule should do so in peace without answering to the common man continually.


Jade’s first key act as an adult was to root out and kill her brothers murderers. It had been 8 years since the killings and the perpetrators no longer expected any revenge attacks. They were wrong. Jade used private investigators to track them down but carried out the murders herself, tearing out their intestines with dual Katanas, her weapons of choice. With her fathers health failing (he was now 80 years old) she assumed control of the families interests. Their business interests had also declined in the years since the death of Jaye and Dace. Jades father did not understand the activities they had advocated and so ignored them returning solely to gambling but this was also in a new age that he was too old to understand and the casinos were not pulling in the punters they once were. Jade sold all of the casinos for capital and invested it where Goldman told her to. This was a big success and by 2006 the families wealth had tripled. Playing businesswoman was not enough for Jade and with a few nods and winks from her powerful Jewish friend she became involved in Freemasonry, France being almost the only country where mixed gender lodges meet. From there she could see many things not apparent to the general public, things which fed her political persuasions to the point of fanatical belief. The contacts made there enabled her to take an active role in changing any system she disliked. One such system was Elite Force.

Relationship with Elite Force:

To Jade, Elite Force was a reasonable idea that went badly wrong. The need for a globalised peace-keeping force that actually did something was strong, and one that she could support, however things had changed. Too much emphasis was placed on individual characters within the organisation and PR seemed to be of paramount importance. It was necessary to hold some public trust, just so there are less obstacles, but Elite Force was now more popular than the governments it was helping to maintain. Elite Force should have been about enforcing the rule of law and the will of government, not pandering to the schizophrenic public view. Jade also deeply resented the famed individual members of the organisation. ‘Purity in an Impure World’ is all well and good, but not if it is dirty to begin with. She had innate abilities at least the equal of most members of Elite Force, it wasn’t right that they should have such influence and not her. It was around this time that she heard through the grapevine about a replacement organisation of beings with super abilities who stuck rigidly to rule of law and protection of government. It was not a popularity contest but a serious business. She was able to apply for membership to this new group due to friends of friends knowing the person in charge, after demonstrating her abilities and showing her staunch and compatible opinions she was admitted into the new group, codename: RED MIST. Upon entering she had to agree to cease all communication with Masonic lodges in France and hand over day to day charge of her business to someone else. She was told to await orders and that these orders cannot be questioned. This sat fine with Jade as she was convinced this group held her exact belief system and could do what was necessary to achieve its goals. In the meantime she has been training and honing her skills for whenever she is called. Her personal codename within RED MIST is ‘Vendetta’.

Psychology Overview:

Jade is more naïve than she thinks. In reality although her beliefs are strong she can be manipulated quite easily by one who is skilled in such arts. She strongly believes in social order and the need for it to be upheld. She is a snob but also somewhat insecure around those of similar status due to the questionable nature of her family’s wealth. She is therefore not particularly comfortable in anyone’s company. She gets on a lot better with men than women, largely because of a good relationship with her brothers and a poor relationship with her mother. She is currently on good terms with her mother though, it is of more importance than she recognises that she please her mother. Jade has a thin skin and can take offence quite easily, anyone who makes it into her bad books tends to stay there. She has no guilt about the two murders she committed. Firstly she believes them to be just killings and secondly her focus during the act was so powerful that when she is removed from that situation it almost feels as though it happened to someone else. As if she watched it on TV or in a cinema. This points towards a growing ability to divorce herself from any wrongdoings she may partake in, without guilt to hold her back she could prove very dangerous indeed.


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