Golden Hornet Profile

Identity: The Golden Hornet

Name: Amala Mandur
Age: 24
Nationality: Indian
Faction: Elite Force
Height: 5’8
Weight: 120lbs
Power: Toxic Stinger


Early Life
Amala Mandur was born in early 1986 in Northern India. Her family was a member of the Khatri, a tribe of leaders and government administrators historically. Amala’s family was reasonably wealthy which meant she was able to get a good education, something considered vital by both her parents. Amala did possess a rebellious streak however and in her teens made very real attempts to get into acting. Her good looks and natural charisma endeared her to many but her mother forced her to put this on hold at least until her studies were complete, hoping all along that she would forget the notion. For a while Amala did forget, as more pressing matters came to light.

Power Origins
When she was 17 Amala noticed a square inch on her right hand began growing what appeared to be very dark hair, this was a very unusual physical trait and she told no one about it, she began to simply remove the hair, but each time she did it came back faster and thicker, eventually converging into some kind of tusk, protruding an inch or two from her upper hand. She began to wear a glove at all times which became something of an odd fashion statement or trademark. After some time her attempts at removing the tusk were futile and she just accepted it. She realised she would need expert help one day, however when a loud noise occurred as she simply reached for a drinking glass in her kitchen the short tusk shot out of her hand to over 6 inches in length smashing one of the glasses in the cupboard. Not only that but a small amount of gold liquid poured from the tusk on impact, the liquid then set about melting the glass. Amala was stunned and quite afraid. By this time she was 20 and her career was really taking off.

Early Acting Career
Once Amala had come to terms with her ‘growth’ and was wearing her trademark glove she set off for Mumbai and immediately got auditions, she was a keen dancer and an absolute perfectionist who took great pride in her work. She also was fearless in pursuit of her goals, regularly inviting herself to film industry gatherings and imposing her charm on producers. Soon she was getting regular roles in feature films, receiving considerable praise for her performances and most importantly of all everything she was in did well at the box office. After the incident in her kitchen however she took a hiatus from films in an attempt to find expert help for the condition, if such experts existed.

Encounter with Elite Force
It soon became clear to Amala that the only option she had was to approach Elite Force over the matter. She was nervous about doing this, Elite Force were unusual for anything related to governments or security in that they openly sought publicity. She was very keen to hide her condition and hoped to find a ‘cure’ for it and return to acting. The seriousness of her condition and her lack of control over it meant that she needed to take the risk. It was not typical for people with abilities to approach Elite Force with them, often the Force’s own intelligence gatherers would have a dossier on a subject long before that happened, and would approach them first. However, they had no such dossier on Amala Mandur. It didn’t take long for them to realise who she was though, and they were keen to see what she had to show. After seeing her ‘stinger’ considerable time was spent on finding out what triggered it to extend and then find ways of controlling this. It appeared to work in much the same way as adrenalin, in a situation of ‘fight or flight’ it would display regularly, as if some form of defence. This suited Elite Force well, the idea of a Bollywood superstar playing some role in the unit and the popularity that could gain in the Indian sub-continent was not lost on them. Amala began training in the control of her power and in general combat, indeed, her skills went beyond the stinger itself to heightened sensory awareness, her powers strengthened making her fast and very difficult to hit, it also meant she could administer the sting more easily on her slower drone opponents. Tests on the golden liquid that it produced uncovered a venomous substance of some potency. Not enough to kill a human in one sting but surely enough to do so in around 5, depending on the human. By controlling the sting she could control her enemy and weaken them to a point of surrender which they would eventually recover from, and in a life or death situation, put a stop to them for good. Although she had been convinced to train she was reluctant to forsake her acting career for a place in Elite Force. After some negotiation it was agreed that she could wear a mask on Elite Force duty to hide her identity, but that the Indian heritage of ‘The Golden Hornet’ would be made public. Elite Force had struggled to gain much support from the Indian market and it was hoped that a centre-piece Indian heroine could get the job done for them there. To enable Amala to continue acting she was absolved of any public relations work for Elite Force, but expected to be positive about the unit publicly whenever possible.

A Divided Life
So Amala Mandur took her place as a part-time Superheroine, defending the streets of Mumbai and becoming involved in any major encounters in the region. At the same time she restarted her acting career and proved as popular as ever. The Golden Hornet was less well received however. The older generation in India did not enjoy the westernised style of Elite Force, using young women in a sexually provocative and dangerous way was largely seen as quite scandalous and irresponsible. Before long it became clear that The Golden Hornet may even be doing harm to Elite Force in the region politically, she did have some support from Indian youth but it was all in stark contrast to her real life as an actress. Amala is now somewhat disillusioned with ‘The Golden Hornet’ persona and would possibly retire it if she could. Elite Force themselves have used her more sparingly as they look to find a way to turn the situation around, the time they have invested in her and her knowledge of certain things about the unit mean that simply retiring her probably isn’t an option. Indeed, Amala has seen the Force’s methods up close and knows that while the unit portrays itself as whiter than white the truth can be far more grey.

Amala has no personal life to speak of, she maintains good contact with her parents who although not fully approving of their daughters career do take some pride in her achievements. Most of her friends are film industry related and do not do a particularly good job of keeping her grounded in the real world. Her whole life is something of a fairytale since she either plays the role of famous actress or powerful superheroine, with little time in between. She broadly supports Elite Force aims but can’t help feeling that she is obligated to help them because of what they know about her. She knows their power and influence and does not feel strong enough to attempt to leave the unit in spite of what she knows about them. Amala has never had a boyfriend nor has she seemed to have any interest in one that people can remember, now 24 she dreads marriage, knowing that it is unlikely to be through love whether arranged or not. She is friendly and driven to succeed in anything she undertakes, she has a good work ethic and believes in loyalty, all things which tie her to Elite Force even more tightly. She has a massive fear of her secret identity being discovered, she knows it could ruin her career and relations with her family, she believes in the missions themselves but doesn’t really agree with the way Elite Force functions as a publicity machine. Some people within Elite Force have noticed this and comment upon it. Her relations with other key heroines in the unit are somewhat distant, their paths rarely cross as she does not take part in press junkets, and also she is generally stationed far from their jurisdictions. She does have a healthy respect for what they do however, seeing it as a noble cause, she also respects the way some of them are full-time, married to the job. There is no real animosity towards her from other team-mates, sometimes they will joke about the part-time nature of her work but although not in full knowledge of the facts they know there must be a good reason.

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