Gemini Profile

Identity: Gemini

Name(s): Unknown / Unknown
Age: 22
Nationality: British
Faction: Red Mist Operative
Height(s): 5’4 / 5’11
Weight(s): 118lbs / 170lbs
Power: Dual Intangibility; one can only exist in full physical form at a time.


Early Life:
In 1987 a teenage girl named ‘Ruth’ had a son. What was so strange about the pregnancy and birth was that ultrasound checks had suggested twins with distinct heartbeats and positions in the womb, however only one child was found during birth. This caused much confusion but nothing could be done but blame the equipment. Ruth was very young and lacked family support to help bring up her baby, she found it very difficult to cope but at least managed the situation. One day after putting the child down in the park and attending to other things she turned to see that her son was gone and in his place sat a little girl. Ruth was shocked and frantically searched for her baby boy, imagining that someone had done a switch without her noticing. She returned to the girl in tears, frightened her boy may be gone forever. After a lengthy public campaign to find her son nothing turned up whatsoever, the little girl was put into foster care in the hope that questions surrounding her sudden appearance would be answered in time. After some years in foster care the switch happened again. Not knowing who the new child was meant that another move into care took place, and this theme would be repeated throughout childhood as the baffling switches made social workers and care homes simply pass the buck rather than set about doing any detective work. Throughout this whole period both the boy and the girl have been able to communicate with one another, the tangible child using speech, and the intangible child using telepathy. By puberty they gained some ability to control the switches. There was no room for privacy in this relationship and also very little room for anyone else, so Gemini grew up in a solitary way, truly inseparable.

Adult Life:
As young adults they identified themselves strongly with the superheroes and heroines of Elite Force, people who although set apart from the wider world were revered by it, and above suspicion. It became something of a dream to be discovered by Elite Force and put into the training programme. With this aim in mind they set about foiling petty crimes with their unnatural advantage. Both characters trained extensively in martial arts and using the speed of their interchange could prove more than a handful for any assailant. It’s very difficult to fight two people when you can only see one of them and although they never revealed themselves many criminals were found tied up on the steps of the local police station. Although this was only something which happened in quite a small city in the south of England, it created enough waves that files began to be kept on this activity. Together they would do a rather crude job of hiding their fingerprints or faces from closed circuit cameras. The intrigue got as far as a Collective contact in the town hall where they lived, who alerted his superiors. The details were passed to the fledgling ‘Red Mist’ operation who kept tabs on developments and set about finding the exact identities of these two. Gemini’s little crime-fighting game ground to a halt however when the girl was taken ill, it was later discovered that she had cancer, though her brother was clear of the disease, each one getting tested on different days. This unfortunate turn of events coincided with Red Mist uncovering to some extent who they were and where they lived, they were now tracked in full to see if they had a real power and if it could be of use. When Red Mist discovered about the cancer they decided to make an approach, in the hope they might get something from the duo in the time at least one of them was well enough to perform. The approach was gratefully received with the pair frantic about finding a cure for the woman. Red Mist made promises about care options and new technologies which could help, technologies not even Elite Force were privy to. They painted themselves as a special unit to work alongside Elite Force in global crime but also police them, so that there was accountability for any misdemeanours. Entry into Red Mist was a dream for Gemini, it also seemed their only hope – neither knew what the death of one would do to the other, and their unique physiology made conventional treatment unlikely to work. Red Mists offer was conditional though, Gemini would be admitted fully into the unit, and receive all the care that brings if they would complete one mission. This mission was to get detailed information on a masked Elite Force member called ‘The Golden Hornet’, supposedly Elite Force were not obliged to divulge the identities of their operatives, particularly the masked ones, and so Red Mist felt compelled to get this information for themselves, although this may end her career Red Mist needed to send a message to all heroes that they were now being policed. Out of necessity Gemini agreed to go to India and take on the Hornet, with some reluctance. Firstly it seemed as though the Hornet was being used as a scapegoat for masked heroes everywhere and secondly it was not in Gemini’s nature to fight anyone who did not deserve it.

The duo in many senses lack separate identities, they are so entwined with one another they truly are the types to finish one another’s sentences. Neither has felt any affinity for other people, no true parental figure has ever emerged and friendships with any outsiders were impossible to maintain properly. Despite a very tough upbringing both have a good moral grounding and a deep care for other people. They see themselves as guardians, set apart from the human race to achieve a greater good, and although largely rejected by others throughout their lives they show little resentment. The cancer is a very big problem for them, both are consumed by fear of death and fear for the other, it has left them mentally very fragile at the time of Red Mists approach. Neither likes the sound of the mission they have been given, and the two feelings of desperation and morality are warring in their minds. Both have taken on a rather old fashioned way of speaking and behaving, trying at all times to be utterly in control of the situation, this is inspired by a longing for stability and acceptance, they feel that if they maintain high standards it will bring them respect.


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  1. Interesting. Like a fleshed out Ben/Glory from Buffy.

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