Episode Two – Available Now!

At last it is here, the release of Episode Two. Watch as TV journalist/presenter Maria Nemanikhin AKA ‘Angel’ tries her luck at the Elite Force entry exam, where she has the misfortune of taking on a vicious attack drone in a series of tests… will she survive?

Total Running Time: 17 minutes 30 seconds

Free Trailer Download: Click HERE

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HD Caps:

REMEMBER; if you purchase Episode Two you will go on the pre-release list for Episode Three, meaning that you will get that early and at a discount. The pre-release for this episode has already taken place and several of our loyal customers had this episode in their possession days before general release, we like to reward customers for the support they show us.


~ by nextglobalcrisis on December 12, 2009.

13 Responses to “Episode Two – Available Now!”

  1. great job with ep. 2. I take it someone was playing Portal right before this episode was written?

  2. Ha, its a video game where you complete a series of increasingly difficult challenges while being taunted the entire time by a female-voiced AI.

    • Haha! I’ll have to look out for that. As I said, very difficult to think of anything that doesn’t already exist in some form or another, but if I do have something which appears elsewhere I promise it’s unintentional!

      • Hi NextGlobalCrisis. I would be very interested in working with you, maybe guest fight directing an episode? I’ve performed fight & stunts for big feature film/tv as well as choreographing for many shorts and theatre tours. Check me out at http://www.joegolby.com

  3. Just wanted to praise your fantastic work. The action is very good, the actress is a beauty and a great performer, the script is great. I look forward to episode 3. Maybe this time the uniform could be more Supergirl like?

    • Thanks, I am really pleased you enjoyed it. I can’t promise supergirl-esque outfits in episode 3 but I know you’ll enjoy our future output so I’ll just ask you to stick with it and hope you won’t be disappointed.

  4. Great episode. How is Ep. 3 shaping up?

    • Quite well, we’re shooting it soon and as a purchaser of episode 2 you’ll hear about the release before anyone else!

  5. Considering both casts were really quite excellent, I think it would be interesting, if you have time at some stage, to explain a little about how you went about casting Eps 1 and 2.

  6. Who is the woman playing the part of Angel?

  7. Absolutely LOVE the video! Anastasiya is not only an incredibly stunning young woman but a wonderful actress too. In addition, her combat skills and especially the selling of the beat – down sections gave the clip a very real feeling, which I really, really enjoyed! Hope to see her in many more episodes, and hopefully in some with plenty more wrestling styles holds / moves like the military press / backbreaker and bow and arrow used in this one!

    Keep up the amazing work!

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