Angel Profile

Identity: Angel

Name: Maria Nemanikhin
Age: 23
Nationality: Russian
Faction: Elite Force Trainee
Height: 5’5
Weight: 113lbs
Power: Invulnerabilty


Early Life:
Angel was born in Leningrad in 1986 and moved to England in 2003. Her early childhood was quite happy, the family she grew up in was reasonably well-off with a considerable nest-egg waiting for her when she turned 18 from her mothers side. Her father was 12 years older than her mother, who was but 17 when she gave birth to Angel. She adored her father who was a handsome and charismatic man and he would regularly spoil her being his only child.

As the years passed tensions grew in the marriage. Angels mother Anna was still only in her mid-20s and resented losing a large portion of her youth by rushing into family life as a teen. She began to get involved heavily in the local party scene, she got involved in drugs and would regularly cheat on her husband for thrills or to pay off debts. Once the weekend was over she would return to her family as if nothing had happened. No rows would ensue however, it didn’t matter how thinly veiled the deception, Anna carried on and her husband quietly bore the humiliation. Angel began to hate her mother for this, not only did she feel abandoned by her personally but she hated what it was doing to her father. She vowed to stand up to her mother but whenever the time came she could neither physically nor mentally bring herself to do it.

At 17 she instead decided to try and make her father see sense and leave her mother. Her words appeared to work at first, with her father in agreement that he should extract himself and his daughter from this loveless marriage, but he would constantly change his mind and never go through with it so Angel would convince him again. This period lasted around 6 months until one day it all came to a head with all three of them in one room. Both Anna and Angel pleaded their respective cases most forcibly. Before any decision was made though Anna suddenly stood up and left, never to return. From that point on both Angel and her father pretended that Anna was dead, an idea which brought both of them some comfort.

Adult Life:
By removing her mother from her life Angel never received the nest egg at 18 which would have set her up for good. Communication with her mothers side of the family was never strong and now it was non-existent. Perhaps she would not take the money were it offered. With her fathers health failing it was up to her to make money for the household. She moved into the media and very quickly made her mark. Any opportunity that would arise in her workplace would always seem to land in her lap. She was good at her job and was soon on screen presenting light entertainment shows. Within a year of that she had her own chat show in Russia which became famed for the amazing insights she would get from her guests, she was an absolute natural. She was given a place on the broadcast company board, unheard of for anyone under 35 to this point. In the last 4 months she has moved to New York to prepare for her own chat show there, and few doubt it will be a success with major stars lining up to talk to her.

Before this starts though she is doing a documentary series on Elite Force, looking at their training methods and what it takes to be a hero. This series will give her worldwide exposure since the subject matter is so compelling to hundreds of millions around the globe.

Fluent in English, French, Spanish, and Japanese. Skilled in hand to hand combat and regularly took part in mixed martial arts competitions, she is unbeaten after ten fights, has even beaten men.

Angel has a sweet exterior but can be hard as nails too. It is generally a good idea not to cross her as she tends to remember these things. Very charismatic like her father and when she is in a good mood she can be a joy to work with. She loves to feel popular and must be the centre of all attention. This is not difficult for her to achieve though. She is likely to clash with anyone who questions her decisions or who tries to share any of her limelight. It is important everyone around her knows their place, if she likes a particular individual this means she simply won’t interfere with them. Anyone she dislikes will constantly be appeasing her. She is a go-getter with an amazing capacity to get things done her way. Even her staunchest opponents will melt in any face-to-face encounter, she loves control.


~ by nextglobalcrisis on December 1, 2009.

5 Responses to “Angel Profile”

  1. She is sexy!

  2. Angel looks you offer custom shoots

  3. Very attractive. Although a cut-out of her uniform on her midriff exposing her navel would make those stomach strikes look 20x more devastating!

  4. I really like both the character and the model/actress playing her. She looks incredibly hot, and has the talent to exploit something more than a two dimensional stock characterisation. I hope she isn’t too hard though, winning all 10 of her fights! Please show her softer more vulnerable side too. Good luck to her as the role develops.

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