Scarlett – GI Joe


I saw ‘GI Joe: The Rise Of Cobra’ the other day. I was looking forward to seeing Sienna Miller as the Baroness but probably got more enjoyment out of Rachel Nichols who played the feisty Scarlett. Of course the character was a bit basic, being an action figure after all. She starts off rather cold and unemotional but her little heart melts at the comedic antics of ‘Ripcord’ played by Marlon Wayans. In fact all he has to do is be a bit light hearted and also concerned at the right moments and he gets the girl… it’s so easy! The rubber catsuit above was a rather splendid idea and a nicely performed punch-up between Scarlett and the Baroness relatively early on in the film was a highlight. Look it was all pretty mindless and formulaic but sometimes that can be fun.

~ by nextglobalcrisis on August 24, 2009.

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