Throughout the existence of this blog/website we will have a backstory going on which involves all of the factions and many characters behind the scenes.

These will lead into the next episode and also start long story arcs which may take a long time to resolve as they ebb and flow through time. There will be a lot going on but for those interested in the story behind the episodes it should be fun.

We will also be very open to suggestions on story so if we like your idea we can incorporate it into the story and turn it into an episode, effectively making you a peripheral character for the faction of your choice.

…and for those who couldn’t care less about the story we’ll still be producing the sorts of things you like to see on a regular basis, so everybody wins!

From this point on the ‘Storyline’ section will release memo intercepts sent between characters to one another, which may explain some of what you see, and some of what you will see in the future.


~ by nextglobalcrisis on July 19, 2009.

One Response to “Storylines”

  1. heres a story I thought you might be interested in you can do what you want with it

    Superwoman in rise of the Cyborg

    We start are story in a abandon air force base out in the Nevada desert that was ounce called area 54, inside the main office sat Michael Lux, there he was on a conference call with all of his criminal gang network from around the world, there the complaining went on for awhile, they all had one problem in common that every one of there plots had been foiled by Superwoman, there outer ring of there criminal network was getting worn down and soon Superwoman would start to find the ring leaders bringing there whole network down, then Michael spoke up Quite! Victor I just received the package two weeks ago that you stole from NASA, my scientist came thru for me and now have been able to recreate this space rock into a fine powder which I have spread all over in special room so that a certain heroine can walk right into, secondly comrades my team a at cybertrone industries has also come thru, pay close attention to your web cams, Shay come out, out came a beautiful woman, what is this Lex you found yourself a girlfriend, silence you fool this is the Shay 3000, the most advanced and powerful cyborg know to man, Lex then ordered Shay to pick up a steal bar, there she picked it up and bent the steal, amazing all of the thugs were in amazement, one last thing Shay take care of that cement block, Shay turned her head and out came a blast from her heat vision disintegrating the concrete block, Shay initiate plan Kryptonian take down, with that Shay walked outside and blasted off heading for Metropolis. Gentleman I think it safe to say with in 24hrs that pesky Super heroine will be know more, I know with her determination she will find my hide out and for ounce and for all the maid of might will be know more and we shall rule the world. Lexs gang was excited they had been waiting years for revenge, one by one they signed off, now to go have some dinner Lex thought to himself.

    Mean while back in Metropolis Ashley Kent was just leaving the mayors office after his weekly news conference when she saw a black streak go sailing across the sky, that’s odd she thought. Shay landed in a parking lot, she picked up the first car she saw and threw it like it was nothing, the car crashed setting off a car alarm, Shay started to use her laser vision and just started to blast away at the buildings around her. Ashley could hear the commotion, I think this looks like a job for Superwoman as she ran into a telephone booth and with an an instant the made of might blasted out of there. Superwoman landed in front of Shay about 50 ft. in front of her, standing with her hands on her hips with the most authoritive voice she demanded Shay to leave her city alone, Shays computers locked onto Superwoman she started to charge the maid of steel, Superwoman punched the Cyborg with all her energy sending her crashing into a building, to Superwoman surprise Shay came walking out of the building and blasted up into the air, Superwoman quickly followed her. Who is she thought Superwoman as she followed her, I think I’ll let her lead me to here hide out as she backed her distance off.

    Shay landed at Lex’s base and quickly walked into the building back into the contaminated room, Superwoman landed she entered the building, as she entered a sliding door came down behind her, she turned and pushed on it but could she could not budge it, she thought to her self no big deal but she wanted to know what was inside any way, she went deeper into the building there she saw Shay standing there, Lex came walking out welcome to my home Superwoman, I see you met my new cyborg Shay, give it up Lex Superwoman said, leave now while you still can Superwoman, I don’t think so Lex, get her Shay, Shay came to life and charged Superwoman, again Superwoman punched her but this time her fist just bounced off of her, again she tried and nothing, she tried again but this time Shay caught her fist in mid air and sent the heroine flying back, Superwoman got back up more determined than ever and charged Shay but again Shay deflected her tossing her on the ground, what’s going on here thought Superwoman, Its over Superwoman said Lex, you fell right into my trap, look closely Superwoman look at the floor all around you thousands if not millions of tiny kryptonite particles all through out this room slowly sapping your strength away draining your powers away, Superwoman slowly got back up on her feet she started to realize the seriousness of the situation as she noticed the small green crystal’s laying all over, Finish her Shay and in a blur Shay wrapped some kryptonite chains around are heroine, job well done Shay, Superwoman concentrated all her strength she thought to her self not so fast as she tried to stretch the chains but they would not budge, I love that determination you got in your face Superwoman you’ve lost and you don’t even now it as she struggled its all over but just as he said that the chains started to break, then snap the chains got flung across the room, No its over Lex, Superwoman took a deep breath and with her super breath she blew all the kryptonite dust into the corner of the building, next she took a big lead lined box and threw on top of the kryptonite, her strength was returning, Lex commanded Shay to get her Shay approached Superwoman and threw a punch but this time it didn’t have an effect on her she tried again, Superwoman grabbed her arm and ripped it off her, Shay tried again to hit her with her good arm and again she broke it, Superwoman grew tired of playing with her and with a uppercut she sent her fist deep inside of Shay circuit board destroying her and sending sparks flying every where, Shay fell limp and to the ground.

    Lex was in total shock at what he was seeing, his plan ounce again had failed, he was hoping Superwoman would be to distracted to see him escape, he got outside, meanwhile Superwoman looked around that coward she thought he already ran off as she blasted threw the roof of the building, there she saw him below making a run for his car. Lex was looking over his shoulder making sure Superwoman wasn’t following him, but Superwoman quietly landed right in front of him standing there with her hands on her hips, Lex bumped into her, Lex was startled, going some where so soon Lex Superwoman! Lex started to plead begg with her for his freedom, Superwoman pushed Lex as he fell onto the ground landing on his back, please Superwoman we can talk this out, Superwoman placed her boot rite on his chest pushing him down your going back to prison and then she bent over and picked him up and took off into the sky taking him to his new residence.

    Deep in a bunker half way around the world in the Siberia, Victor got the message that Lex had failed, I thought this would happen, lucky for me I got the blueprints for Shay 3000, and over in the shadows stood the new Shay 3000 but this time a green glow came from her chest, soon he thought to himself the mighty Superwoman would be onto him but this time there would be know stopping his cyborg.


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