Factions: Red Mist

RMbadge3 copy

Red Mist is a faction which is currently recruiting talent. Their objective is to one day replace Elite Force as the globally endorsed super-powered special forces unit.

This fledgling operation is being totally funded by a large proportion of Collective members who have lost faith in Elite Force as the organization to look after their interests. Red Mist is devised as a unit that will stick very closely to the ideals of the Collective. The best way to do this is to carefully select membership which broadly holds compatible beliefs to theirs prior to training. This will slow recruitment down somewhat but the Collective is blessed with access to extensive intelligence and are now on the look out for independent super powered vigilantes to interview for a post.

Red Mist members are to be afforded considerable freedom in their own lives so long as when the unit calls they stick rigidly to mission objectives. In return for this loyalty members will be well looked after.

Red Mist will focus less on PR than Elite Force and more on results. It has been broadly agreed amongst Collective members in the media that Red Mist will receive no criticism, and that trust between the public and it’s members is valued above admiration.

The leadership of Red Mist will come from Collective members but they have agreed in taking the job to be removed from the loop and merely accept orders as given. Red Mist members will know nothing of where the orders come from and at this stage do not even know the objectives, all have expressed that they will work for the organization as mercenaries and not question or criticize the mission. This is the idea at least.


~ by nextglobalcrisis on July 12, 2009.

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