Factions: The Collective

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The Collective is a secretive organisation made up of the cream of society and freemasonry.

They are chiefly influential families that spread across the world. Their number includes present and former politicians, king-makers, media moguls, business tycoons, and many other types of people as yet unknown. The Collective is virtually unheard of amongst the public but is obsessed over by conspiracy theorists, libertarians, and human rights campaigners.

Meetings are held amongst members annually in varying parts of the world and any known members describe these meetings merely as informal discussion groups with opinions being thrown around about current affairs. The idea that decisions on these matters are made by The Collective and acted upon is strongly denied.

The facts are these:

The organisation was founded in 1953 at the time that Britain tested their first atomic bomb. It was a pro-capitalist group at this time but members were asked to leave their politics at the door beyond that point.

It is said that Collective meetings were often the cradle of new strategies about winning or keeping hearts and minds away from communism. Once terrorism became a threat to the North American contingent of the group and communism melted away in Russia and became somewhat ‘civilized’ in China focus was redirected.

‘Us vs Them’ became blurred, you couldn’t look the enemy in the eye anymore which made it very difficult for the media based arm of the group to keep the public engaged.

It is true though denied that setting up Elite Force was initially a Collective decision – “If the bad guys are hard to see lets at least make the good guys easy to see” was the feeling. This experiment proved overwhelmingly successful to the point where Elite Force themselves became a potential threat. The Collective had been happy to bankroll Elite Force provided it would act as a loyal mouthpiece for whatever the Collective wanted to say. When it started to makes it’s own decisions a large part of the group called for it to be dismantled. This act, whomever was used as a scapegoat, would clearly be too unpopular to take the risk. The Collective needed a unit which was fully under its control and whose members were sold on their ideals without any filters, as had been the case with Elite Force.

There is some disagreement in the group about what to do. Some feel that Elite Force as it is has not strayed too far from the path and could be reformed. While others advocate an entirely new group with entirely new members. What the Collective does agree on is the need for some members of Elite Force to be removed.

The Collective has grand plans going forward which requires a unit that is less about PR and more about the cause for which it is fighting. That cause is known to a few now, and it will change things forever.

~ by nextglobalcrisis on July 10, 2009.

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