Factions: Elite Force

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There are currently 3 factions in the Next Global Crisis Universe. They are not necessarily aware of one another. The first faction I wish to look at is ‘Elite Force’.

Elite Force is the only faction that the public are currently aware of. Throughout the late-90’s a concensus was reached between governments in North America, Europe, and Japan that a NATO style special forces group needed to be set up to protect the global interests of democratic countries. Intelligence agencies were aware of some members of the public exhibiting super-powers to varying degrees and had worked hard to round up these individuals. All that were rounded up were made to sign official secrets contracts of some kind and to keep their powers under wraps for fear of public confusion and panic. Many of these subjects were seen as excellent candidates for the special unit which needed to be set up. By early 2000 even Russia had agreed to help fund this unit provided their interests were also included in its remit.

Over the next 2 years ‘Elite Force’ as it was now named, set about recruiting wherever it heard stories of extraordinary deeds or actions by members of the public. Often these would be red herrings, exagerrations of events but sometimes it was the real deal. Those who had powers which could be considered useful were invited into the training camp based in Germany. Here they would work on strengthening their abilities and learn about the objectives of the unit.

Elite Force had always been partly about public relations but this was emphasised after governments had seen the positive reaction they brought to the Afghan conflict. Their support was used by the USA and the UK in taking the sting out of public discontent to the overwhelmingly unpopular conflict in Iraq. Since being unveiled to the public in early 2002 interest in key members had reached fever pitch, and their successes in Iraq and Afghanistan brought a good deal of celebrity to the occasion, capturing the imagination of the public and drowning out the critics of the conflicts in the short-term at least.

To strengthen this PR element the more beautiful females in the unit were pushed to the front, they participated in all kinds of celebrity activity and their endorsement in one policy or another was capable of swinging it into favour. Of course they were loathed by the intelligentsia for fooling the public and apparently holding no position themselves, other than those which they had been told to believe in. This was all tempered by the real action they were taking part in, risking their lives for ‘freedom’ which of course kept critics quiet.

Over the next few months disagreements sprung up about how Elite Force was being used. Large swathes of the European contingent and the Russians were never keen on the Iraq war and their funding and backing of the unit which was making it more popular was a sore point. Equally, across the board there was criticism that individuals within the organisation were becoming too powerful. Some ‘off-message’ comments had been made which had swung things in the opposite direction to the intention.

In late 2003, with the war ‘over’, Elite Force was pulled out of Iraq and put to use on domestic crime in an attempt to lower interest and influence. The public interest was too strong however and the media could not resist using them on a regular basis. With more time on their hands due to a drop in funding some well known members exploited their celebrity status and began to take political stances, something which had been feared by the backers was coming true, but as the democratic worlds great hope it would be incredibly difficult to dismantle them. Governments feared a backlash should they criticise the members of Elite Force. There were some who felt it was still a good idea at its core but needed intensive reform.

The Elite Force leadership were confident in their position, should government funding drop off, other avenues could be used and some power could be exacted. The one problem is that they can’t really say with any certainty who has been bankrolling them to this point.


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