Episode 1 – How we made it, Part 2

It was important to me that we didn’t get caught in a loop of making unrelated scenes, that as an idea has been done, sometimes very well, sometimes not so well. I want to see if it’s possible to continue a storyline as I would find that more interesting to do. The hardest part will be early on as I think that releases are going to be quite spaced out so keeping people interested over the next few months will be difficult.

Nevertheless it’s what I am going to try and do. Before working on a developed plot I needed at least the characters for the first thread. I am not going to go into much detail here, I will save that for post release but it’s very important to get a very deep view of who is in each scene. What sort of childhood did they have? How did they discover their powers? What have they been doing in recent years? Who, if anyone has had an effect on their principles? Once you can answer these questions then you know who the character is. You can decide what they would do and what they wouldn’t do. It always annoys me when I’m watching something on TV and a character does something totally out of character to suit the plot. It needs to be the other way around, and I have found once I’ve known the characters and their motivations it is much easier to write a plot.

Powerstar for example did some morally questionable things in her late teens, a form of vigilantism which she profited from. She has suffered from depression and has a strained relationship with family members who brought her up. Just as her power informs the way she fights, so her upbringing informs her decisions. Then throw the spanner of loyalty to her faction and she has a dilemma in this first episode.

Factions are going to be very important in this on going story, how they relate to one another, which members are really pulling the strings and which faction is really succeeding. Again, I will elaborate greatly on the individual factions as the way they interact will become a major part of this blog. Once I’d written all of this down I was ready to work on the action with a real vigour.


~ by nextglobalcrisis on July 7, 2009.

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