Episode 1 – How we made it, Part 1

Just after Christmas I resigned myself to the idea that I was going to make a film of some kind. What I knew was that I didn’t have a lot of money, I didn’t have anyone to shoot it, and I didn’t know what it would be about other than involving women in superheroine costumes.

It was clear from budget constraints that we could not have an ensemble cast for this one, so I soon resolved that it would be a guy and a girl. I had to make it interesting for myself so there needed to be a reason for them being in the scene and have it lead somewhere, but before I got deep into plot my first concern was character ideas. I had previously thought about running a site on the basis of 5 heroines, each with a different look and power. Costume-wise that translated that one might wear blue, another white, one in a Xena style Greek warrior outfit, another in pink/red, another in green. Pretty simple. This was all a bit thin but it was how I was working. I would need to introduce them individually so the one that came first was simply the one whose powers I narrowed down quickest.

At that time this character was called ‘Force Girl’ and I designed her costume, and it looked like this:

Force Girl Costume Design

I quite liked that, it had a police-style look. Soon after though I was informed that this was a rubbish name for a heroine and they may have been right, I’m sure it’s pretty subjective. I developed this character to have a power punch or an energy punch, something which she either built up to for knocking out enemies or something she could use quickly but only had a finite amount of or she would collapse in exhaustion. So, not Force Girl, so Energy Girl? Useless, Power Girl (been done), Powerstar? I quite liked that, had an other worldly quality to it. Force Girl could potentially live at the end of your street but Powerstar wouldn’t, she’d need some kind of base in the sky… much better. I altered the costume design to fit this name. Chest emblem changed from the slightly unnerving Black Panther style fist to a 5-Point Star, add a double-sided cape and make those boots thigh-highs. Now all I needed to do was find someone to make it. Cost was important but in the end not more important than quality. I’d looked at places who could do a job reasonably cheaply but all of their models were rather thick-set to put it mildly so I had no idea if they had the skills of cutting to fit. Also the seams were not perfect. In the end I plumped for a company in Amsterdam who had done various costume dramas. I got a quote. The quote was roughly the same as the budget I’d ear-marked for the entire film, but I paid it anyway. This is the design I sent:


…and one month later, this is what I got back:


I was delighted with the quality of the work but the most daunting thing now was that this film was actually going to be made. It needed to be made as I’d just spent a fortune on a costume for it, however I had no idea about what we would shoot other than it be a fight. Nobody yet to play the role, nobody to shoot it, nowhere to shoot it, and no particular story idea about why this fight was taking place. Could I do it before going bankrupt? Episode 1 – COMING SOON

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